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Tamworth Paint Solutions

46 Tingira Ave West
Tamworth, NH 2430
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    The painter is committed to providing outstanding quality and outstanding value to all our clients at Tamworth Paint Solutions. We offer a 5-year warranty on our service and we always provide quality workmanship by the painter. Professionalism is what defines our mission. We have been painting residential and commercial properties in Tamworth and the surrounding areas for more than 9 years. In everything we do, no matter how big or small the job is, client satisfaction is key.

    Reliability- You will be able to communicate with a Tamworth Paint Solutions painter from the beginning of the project until it is completed so that we can deliver the result you are seeking.
    No Hidden Charges for all our services: Prices and written estimates are provided clearly and upfront. Before the work starts, we inform you about any revisions that might need to be made. The cost of extras during work commencement will incur hourly charges discussed and agreed upon before we begin work.
    Quality: Tamworth Paint Solutions painter use the highest quality paints from the best paint manufacturers. The home will be painted by professionals who use professional painting techniques and quality products.
    Cleanliness and proper preparation: It’s important for us to keep all of our painting materials and equipment organized so that we don’t mess up your home. In addition, we use plastic to protect rooms from paint; this also prevents unintentional damages.
    We guarantee you satisfaction: Our services are cost-effective and high quality. Tamworth Paint Solutions will work on a project until all requirements are met and everything is in the best possible condition.
    Timely Estimates: In addition to offering our clients free quotes, we provide timely estimates once we visit their job site.
    References: You may ask for several references from Tamworth Paint Solutions upon request.
    Insurance coverage: The risks of property damage or injury are covered by our comprehensive insurance policy for all our clients, guaranteeing our clients’ protection without any liability.
    Friendly Service: It is our constant goal at Tamworth Paint Solutions to provide you with the highest quality, reliable service. We care and respect you as a homeowner. We also advise you on the best colour options and materials for your individual taste and requirements.

    026 188-7571

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