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GoMyLocal Beta 2.0

Our old platform was outdate, plagued with bugs, slow and just was simply completely busted and has been long over due for a update.  So instead of improving on a busted platform, we decided to throw it all away and start over.

After countless mind boggling hours and endless nights, we have finally brought to you a brand new platform for "GoMyLocal". 

We have completely redone every single feature and rebuilt the entire platform from complete scratch! and have optimized the entire site for Search Engine Optimization, Speed, and 100% mobile device friendly.

Things to know

  1. Migrated your data
  2.  All previous reviews have been wiped. (WHAT WHY? We found the majority of users where abusing this feature to boost there rankings with fake reviews and that's not what we are about here at "GoMyLocal"). But don't worry we are working on a feature to allow you to import your data and reviews from other networks.
  3. New account and membership system. 
  4. We added a like system similar to other popular social networks. 
  5. Platform built in a way so we can pump out new & fixes updates quickly.

Our future

A marketplace is top on our priority, we want to help small businesses get online. We'll also be helping local people, with localized listing even if your looking to barter or find a local item.

We simply wanna help people sell what there trying to flip with there work hustle, either it be taking bookings, a restaurant looking to take online orders, the guy trying to just build some leads and needs a landing page, or the store down the road that wants to take online orders.

We want our review system to be more sophisticated,  we notice quality reviewing in today's world is a bit of a challenge. You don't know if it fake, real, bought etc.. we want to remove that guess work. So you can be a bit more confident about what you are buying.