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Date: 11/16/2021 | GoMyLocal Dev's 

Well that sure was fast! It's already time to release our first update since the Beta2.0 Launch

We are dedicated to delivering a platform that will likely change the local listing market forever, we have many planned future updates instore, but not to give our competitor's an edge we don't want to release any forth coming information in detail.


  1.  Search Bar has been changed to a search engine style single bar searching. 
  2.  We have removed "Select a city" in the search.
  3.  You can change your location via a button in the site navigation bar.  
  4.  Searching will automatically grab your location by your visiting IP address, or if you accept the "location popup". The location popup provides a more accurate automatic location over your IP. Your IP is not stored during this process.
  5. Searching algorithm has been enhanced
  6. Search all states has been removed, but will be returning in the next update.


  1.  Visual Error on search pages not properly showing if a listing has been claimed or verified.
  2.  Visual Error not showing if a listing is "Spotlighted".
  3.  Issue where some "Spotlighted" listings where not making its way to the top.
  4.  Registration/Login loop issue that was effecting a limited amount of users.
  5.  Plus many undisclosed, smaller visual errors, and functionally issues.

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Previous Update:  Beta2.0 Launch