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Perdomo Law

845 Third Avenue, 5th Floor Third Avenue
New York, NY 10022-6601
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    Perdomo Law is a Business Law Firm in Manhattan, NY providing unmatched legal services in all facets of corporate and business law as well as providing services to the entire entertainment industry, including actors, producers, directors or those in need of production agreements or on location negotiations. Fran Perdomo and their NYC Business Lawyers focus on all aspects of Entertainment Law and Business Law, and are also fluent in Spanish. They also provide services and support in Spanish speaking cases as well as legal proceedings in the Dominican Republic.

    Perdomo Law is a Law Firm based in New York City offering legal services to corporate & individual clients. Our NYC Business Lawyers focus on all aspects of Corporate Law, Commercial Litigation, Entertainment Law and Intellectual Property Law.

    NYC Attorney Fran Perdomo of Perdomo Law brings high-level negotiation skill, as well as knowledge and experience, tailored to the needs of a startup or independent artist. We provide legal services to Spanish speaking clients and are familiar with legal issues involving clients, services and goods located in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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