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Hoaloha Jeep Adventures

153 E. Kamehameha Ave. Ste. 104 #438
Kahului, HI 96732
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    Tour guides work closely with clients to create custom trips based on their needs, preferences, and travel budget. Some tour guides work for one company throughout their careers, creating repeat customers who come back year after year, while others move from company to company as opportunities arise. Most tour guides enjoy the flexibility of working from home or an office, but some choose to conduct tours in person and make the most of their love for travel by being out on the road regularly.
    Quite simply, our private jeep tours on Maui are a whole new way to see Maui. For years now, Hoaloha Jeep Adventures has been giving guests the option of hitching onto an open-air Hummer tour with a big group or booking individually with our exclusive private tour service. Because these are private tours, you can take the itinerary in whatever direction you wish, and you’ll likely never run into the same people on more than one trip.

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