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    Velan HealthCare Services delivers the trusted choice for Medical billing and coding. Outsourced HCS managed Patient services & billing services. Engaging Velan's reliable healthcare services free up providers staff and allow them to focus on value added services to patients.

    Patient Demographic Entry Services
    The importance of patient demographic details can hardly be overstated as it encompasses every necessary detail related to the patient. Information provided in the demographic record is highly critical to medical billing and coding, as it has a direct impact on the insurance claim or denial.
    • Error-free patient demographic entry
    • Reduction of delays in claim submission
    • Clean claims with the Insurance providers
    • Sustaining a stable cash flow

    Billing Services
    • The correct procedure and diagnosis codes are identified from CPT and ICD-10 CM manuals
    • The selection of appropriate codes in order for the customers to get paid accurately for services delivered
    • The avoidance of the possibilities of under-coding or over-coding of reports which may further lead to loss of revenues. Training at regular intervals helps our coders improve their skills, which in turn benefits our customer

    Payment Services
    Payment posting in medical billing is one of the crucial processes that require utmost attention. The payments in lieu of claims, received from the payer and patients, are posted in the medical billing system of the client to reconcile the claim.
    • Post timely payments and calculate revenue realization
    • Resolve payment related queries
    • Maintain a stable cash flow

    Denial Management
    A major issue faced by many health care providers is the fact that a large number of rejected claims go unattended and never gets resubmitted in the given course of time. Denial Management is the process of meticulously scrutinizing the claims that have been rejected in order to make necessary changes and rebill before the stipulated period.

    • Helps in effective cost cutting and boosting productivity
    • Provides a wider degree of flexibility to the in-house team
    • Enables up scaling of a firm without the need for hiring more expensive staff
    • Frees up in-house team, who can then focus more on the internal tasks
    • Helps ensure that the IT security is up to date and there are no vulnerabilities putting the business at risk

    Dental Billing
    Complexities of billing procedures and changing policies of healthcare plans can make in-house processing of dental claims rather challenging. Velan offers a comprehensive suite of dental billing services for dentists to successfully bill for their services and focus better on their core tasks. Our in-depth knowledge in the field of medical billing enables us to deliver consistent, accurate and timely services. Our billing professionals work to ensure that your practice has fewer accounts receivable and unresolved dental claims.

    Online Medical Coding Services
    Medical Coding is a bit like translation. Coders take medical reports from doctors which may include a patient’s condition, the doctor’s diagnosis, a prescription, and whatever procedures the doctor or healthcare provider performed on the patient, and turn that into a make to makes crucial part of medical claims. This claim is submitted to Insurance companies for payment.

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